Welcome to Positive Paws Puppy School

Puppies are wonderful bundles of fun that enrich our lives with laughter and love. They are also complex beings going through a number of developmental stages over a short period of time. Their experiences, positive or negative, during these stages contribute to the character of the adult dog. Positive Paws Puppy School provides specialist socialisation and training, based on kind, modern methods, to help you and your puppy through this important time.


Learning new skills takes place more effectively if the learners, both dog and human, are relaxed and comfortable.  The class size is small and the environment is welcoming, supportive and informal, making coming to school a rewarding experience. We like to enjoy ourselves!


Positive Paws Puppy School is family friendly and accompanied children are more than welcome.


The practical aspects of the courses have been carefully developed by Billie to enable owners to educate their puppies in the skills they need to grow into well behaved, well adjusted, safe dogs. Rewarding, motivational principles are used throughout.


Billie’s team of experienced assistants Louise, Dawn, Ellen and Vanya are always available at classes to offer support and a helping hand.


We hope you enjoy the website. You will find further information about the Courses in the ‘Training’ section.


jPlease note: Early booking for Courses is essential.te: Early booking for Courses is essential.