Positive Paws Puppy Classes

Held at the Community Hall at Whiterashes, the Puppy Courses run for eight weeks with classes lasting for one hour.  Numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 6 puppies per class.  Puppies are accepted up to 16 weeks of age.

Interaction and play between the puppies is carefully monitored to help them develop appropriate social skills and enjoy mixing with other dogs. 'Free for all' sessions are not a part of meeting and greeting at Positive Paws. These are overwhelming for less confident puppies and may encourage bullying or out of control play in others and influence their perception of other dogs.


The skills your puppy will learn include: attentiveness, sit, lie down and stand, to come when called, walk on a loose lead, stay in place and leave and drop items. We also teach tolerance of handling and general good manners as well as many other practical life skills. A trick or two is included for fun! ‘Support Sheets’ and written handouts are supplied each week to assist with homework!   Should you miss a class, they will be sent on to you.....there’s no escape!


Each course finishes with an end of term Party Night with games, competitions and refreshments and the handing out of Certificates. Always very popular and great fun! Puppy Course ‘graduates’ have the opportunity to progress on to the Junior Course.


Puppy Classes take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 6.30 and 7.45pm.

Early booking is essential.